Fair, or essential?

Grace King-Wagner , Editor

In a time like this, many are frightened to go to work, or even leave their house to get groceries, especially those who are essential workers and have to put their life on the line to make sure that our society is running smoothly. Nurses, doctors, firefighters, fast food workers, grocery store employees and pet store staff are all essential along with many more. So the question is, is it fair for these people to put their lives at risk during this epidemic, Covid-19? Rather than viewing it as fair, we should view it as what has to be done. Without our essential workers, our little small town Fruita would fall apart. We need a place to shop, nurses and doctors to help us when we’re sick and we need to be able to buy our cat and dog food.

Kylee Montgomery, a junior at FMHS who works at Fruita’s CO-OP says, “[]o I don’t feel I am really risking my life; I’m just doing my job to help people out. My job provides feed for animals and supplies for farmers. But I do what I need to do to protect myself from the virus since I do have a weaker immune system than most people. But I mean there’s always a chance I could get it, but I try not to worry about it.” Montgomery makes a great point that she’s just doing her job, basically saying that there’s nothing she can do about it. It is what it is, and it has to be done.

Myna Francis, a senior at FMHS says, “in all honesty I feel like it is fair, if they didn’t want to be there they wouldn’t. Nurses and doctors and policemen risk their lives for us everyday, but on the other hand grocery store workers, fast food, and truck drivers don’t. To a certain extent it seems like it’s normal, but then again, if they didn’t want to be there they wouldn’t. They’re the only way we’re going to get through this, and I honestly think it’s worth it.” Francis is right, in the long run, these essential workers are doing what they have to do and it’s all worth it.

Haley Higgs, a junior at FMHS says, “I feel like with the doctors and nurses their whole job is to be prepared for anything and everything so in their case I believe it is fair, they signed up for these kinds of jobs.”As Higgs said, these people did sign up for this. It’s their job to do what others can’t. Unfortunately it may be hard for these people. Many health care providers are not allowed to leave their job, and they’re on total lock down all over the world. They’re all risking their lives for us all. So if you’re an essential worker reading this, a big thanks to all of you.