How college athletes can redshirt but HS athletes lose a year

Jayce Jessup, Reporter

With the sports season being cancelled in the middle of two different seasons as winter sports such as basketball were coming to an end, it was unfortunate news for every high school athlete as these athletes lost the current season that they were going into. This makes you feel bad for all the seniors that lost the season that one dreams of having. When asked what he looked forward to most of his senior year FMHS senior,Ian Barnes said, “I looked forward to it kinda feeling like a last dance that you hear in the pros in their last season, and of course senior night and just living that year you dreamed of as a kid.” But, all spring sport athletes lost this season, the most talked about season of your whole high school sports career and they don’t even get to experience it. 


This didn’t only happen to high school athletes. Along with them, are college and professional athletes, but as we all know professional athletes will be able to return in future seasons with no problem, and without really losing much. Then college athletes who play spring sports will be able to redshirt and basically act like nothing happened, except for winter sport athletes whose season came to an end before arguably the part that everyone looks forward to. The national tournaments. 


However, the real story is back in high school as young athletes who are trying to gain recognition to possibly play in college who need that time from playing for their high school team to get college coaches to watch so they can hopefully gain the attention of college coaches. When asked how he felt about the spring sports being cancelled, FMHS junior Gentry Dalpiaz said, “I was really bummed. It’s something that I look forward to all year and to have it be taken away right before it starts really sucks.” 

This just all adds to how this cancellation of sports has become a huge burden for all high school athletes, not being able to play the sport they enjoy and look forward to. From in-person recruiting and all recruiting events being cancelled. Just leaves athletes wondering. What’s next.