The Benefits of Family Time in Quarantine 

Paige Daniels , Reporter

Quarantine has taken many things away from people. Senior prom, graduation, spring sports and even the Summer Olympics. But there is one thing that most of us can benefit from this time. Since we all suck at home, we have hours upon hours to spend with our lovely families. If that’s just you and your parents or many other siblings, this is the perfect time for family bonding. With school and other activities, sometimes you don’t get to spend a lot of time with your family. Although the coronavirus is very unfortunate and being stuck inside is the worst, we can take the time we usually don’t have to be with our families. 

Many colleges have closed down their campus and sent their students home. This is great for those with older siblings that get to come home from college and spend time with the family which they haven’t seen in awhile. I’m lucky to have my older sister come home for the rest of her college year, which I haven’t seen her since Christmas. This is the best time to make more memories with your older siblings before they go away again. 

Quarantine also has everyone finding new ways to take up time to not be bored. One thing my family does is board games. Although family game night has always been a dreaded night, during quarantine it has become more of an excitement and a way for all of us to hang out together. Board games can take up hours which we have plenty of now, but they can also be a way for everyone to come out of their rooms, sit down at the table and interact with each other. One of my family’s favorites is Clue. This game is great for family night because you get to stratigize with each other and who doesn’t love a good murder mystery. 

Spending time with your family is an essential part of keeping your family together. We have all seen the movies of families that fight all the time and getting together for birthdays or weddings is a huge blowout with the in-laws and siblings. And of course no one wants a family like that. If your family doesn’t spend genuine time together, the family will eventually fall apart. When the kids move out they won’t come and visit, the grandchildren won’t know their grandparents and when you finally get them all together it’s very awkward and not how a family should be. Families are who you should be most close to, be able to talk to them with anything and be at your most vulnerable place with them. When your family isn’t close sometimes it’s hard for you to make relationships because you didn’t have one to base off of because your family isn’t close like it should be. 

With all the time we have, take advantage of it and spend some time with the family. Help them with school work, have a family movie night or simply just talk to them. Later in life you will surely look back at this time and be grateful that you had your family to spend it with.