2020 Fashion Trends You MUST Know

Elliotte Schroeder, Editor



While the majority of us have been lounging around in sweatpants and pajamas the last couple months, that doesn’t mean we don’t have some outfits dying to be worn hanging in the closet. Soon we will make the transition back to normal and celebrate summer- and sport our style of course. So before you dare step into the outside world, let’s take a look at spring/summer 2020’s most popular trends.

In September 2019, the Pantone Color Institute reported the top twelve colors of the spring/summer season. Some of these include Flaming Scarlet, a bright red, Saffron, a dark yellow, Biscay Green, a seafoam green, and Coral Pink. As for the color of the year, Pantone announced that Classic Blue, a familiar and calming shade much like our school color, will be making headlines. 

Moving on to clothing, we remind ourselves that 2020 is the start of a new era, which is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and go bold. 

  1. Neon colors: What better way to make a statement than by wearing some neon? These bright colors are perfect for summer, and are definitely here to stay. Chartreuse, a neon green shade is particularly trending. It may be too loud for some, but can easily be toned down with white and denim.
  2. Cutouts: This trend made waves on the runway, especially in swimsuits and form-fitting dresses. As it gets hotter, we don’t want too much material weighing us down. Cropping everything is getting old. Cutouts allow us to wear some of our favorite pieces while showing just enough skin to keep us cool.
  3. All white: While black will eternally be a staple, white is the neutral to choose in warm weather. A white sundress is just as classic as a little black dress. There are tons of styles to choose from, with lace detailing, eyelets, open-backs, puffy sleeves, etc. Wearing all white looks great on its own, or you can pair it with other neutrals or a pop of color. 
  4. Trench coats/matching sets: Business casual is extremely hot right now. A matching suit set, either with pants or even shorts, can elevate your look. Trench coats are iconic, and quite frankly have never gone out of style. The difference this year is that they’re being paired with tons of styles from casual to couture. Vogue claims that trench coats are “practical, dependable, and go-with-everything.”
  5. Denim denim denim: Denim is always considered an archetypal element in fashion. However, this year designers are using their creativity to make denim new again. Models have been spotted wearing denim jackets with jeans in the same wash, denim dresses, and even denim jumpsuits.
  6. Sheer garments: The lingerie industry is bigger than ever, so it’s no surprise that sheer overlays are in style. Black mesh with embroidered flowers or small prints can be found pretty much everywhere. Leggings with mesh sections have gained recognition as well. This trend allows those to show off unique pieces but in a tasteful way.
  7. Collared shirts: From button downs to polos, these shirts are simple yet sought-after. A common print found on these are stripes, either pinstripe or thick and horizontal. But the best part of these pieces is the popped collar that will give you a preppy edge.

This season is bound to be a good one, with new colors, prints, and styles. So turn to social media and explore these trends to find some new additions to put in your wardrobe. Be careful though- online shopping is quite addictive.