How have pro athletes helped out?

Aubree Crabb, Reporter

You may think athletes only do good things on the field or court. That’s not entirely true; they do many things on the side to help people out.

During coronavirus many athletes have stepped up to help others by donating money to food organizations, showing workout so people don’t have to be bored, and posting pics of them wearing a mask to spread awareness.

According to Sports stars shining a light on those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. Kevin Love, a Cleveland Cavalier “announced that he would be donating $100,000 to the staff members at the team’s arena who would otherwise go unpaid during a protracted work stoppage.” Many people lost work during this time, but Kevin wanted to support his local group and donate money to help them.

After Love stood up and donated money, 21 other teams/players from different sports donated money to their local workers, food banks and hospitals. Among which were Zion Williamson, Stephen Curry, Russil Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Kyrie Irving, and Drew Brees. 

Ranging from 100,000 dollars to 500,000 dollars and 10,000 meals to 250,000 meals. These athletes were willing to help no matter what the cost was. They showed respect and kindness to people less fortunate than them.

According to the world “I am training at home, by myself and without a partner,” Recchia told The World. “My boyfriend doesn’t really love karate. So he built me a kind of [training] partner with a lamp.” Her boyfriend found a creative way to help her stay on track. The photo made other people use household items like rails, chairs, and walls to do workouts.

According to Hartford Courant “Former NHL great Jeremy Roenick decided he wasn’t going to use his backyard to do just one thing. So he set up an obstacle course to tackle everything he could think of within one minute in a video he posted to his Twitter page on Wednesday.” Athletes are trying to encourage you to workout.

It keeps your mind off things and can keep you in shape. Many also posted videos and collabed with each other to show different things you can do at home when you want to work out.

According to Clutchpoints “The NBA and WNBA will partner with clothing brand Fanatics to produce cloth face coverings with team logos to help communities that have been impacted by the coronavirus, per Ben Pickman of Sports Illustrated.”

THe NbBA and WNBA figured if they created masks with logos on them they would help spread the word to wear a mask. Many people bought the masks to not only support their favorite team but to also support wearing a mask in town to stop the spread. Many people did not want just a plain mask so the NBA and WNBA helped out. The masks are super cool and stylish. The nba helped to spread the word and many people began to wear masks.

Professional athletes have helped out in many ways but these were the ways that most people thought would get the message across to stay safe and support others. These athletes helped keep many safe and provided ways to help other when they couldn’t help in person.