Glacier Ice Arena vs. Covid-19

Cayen Foye, Reporter

The only Ice-Skating Rink in the valley has been officially closed due to Covid since March 18th, with no re-opening in sight.

Before Covid hit, the Glacier Ice Rink was for sale since February of 2019. The City of Grand Junction was considering the purchase; however because of the global pandemic, the City quickly withdrew their proposal due to budget cuts. The Ice Rink attempted to stay open but ultimately closed on March 18th. All clubs and activities held there were canceled, including practice for some FMHS students in hockey and figure skating. Chelsea Noga says, “I really do wish it would open again, I spent so much time there that it was like a second home and so many of the people I met were like family.”

There is also the question of who is the Arena’s mystery buyer? A private buyer has stepped up and purchased the ice rink and is listing it for lease to any entity for the minimum of 5 years. Chelsey Nova, a member of a figure skating club that used to practice at the rink says “I really wish the rink would open up again, it was an important part of the community and really brought people together.” In the meantime the rink is remaining closed- whether that’s because of Covid or the shift in ownership is unclear. It seems only time will tell.