Good things to come from quarantine

Lila Kinnick, Reporter

With everything going on in the world right now, it is as easy as ever to be negative and focus on all of  the bad things the pandemic has created, but that also means that is more important than ever to focus on the good things to come from the pandemic. From giving us free time to get into something new or accomplish something that we have been meaning to do, the few months that we were stuck inside gave many students the opportunity to use this time for good.

Sophomore Meilyn Recker used this time to take care of a new litter of puppies. “Puppies are a lot of work, and need almost 24/7 care,” says Recker, “The timing worked out perfectly with the puppies being born right at the beginning of quarantine.” 

Quarantine was definitely a good time to accomplish some major things, like taking care of a whole litter of puppies, Recker also claims that “It’s better to do something than think about what could happen.”

 Quarantine offered people plenty of new free time that lots of people have been wanting and some people, such as Recker, used that time and did something she was wanting to do for a long time. “I also cleaned out my room and did some much needed organization” states Recker.

The extra three months of free time also granted people an opportunity to start or improve a new skill. Sophomore Isabella Kinnick was very happy with how she spent her quarantine as she claims it gave her an opportunity  to “Improve my art skills in all forms of art media.” She also claims that her “skills improved very fast because of all the free time” and is glad that she was given the time to get back into art, which she would not have gotten back into if not for the sudden free time.

Even if you didn’t do anything super productive during quarantine, it was still a good time to get much needed relaxation and at least catch up on plenty of new shows. Sophomore Honor Westcott says, “My life was at its most busiest right before quarantine, so it was actually very nice change of pace to be able to relax all day.”

Even though the quarantine is technically over and things may still seem bleak, it is still important to look back at the extra productivity time, much needed relaxation time, the chances to improve yourself or relationships, and things accomplished that maybe would not have been done if not for Covid-19.