Student’s Thanksgiving Traditions

Lila Kinnick, Reporter

Despite this year bringing lots of change and hardships, it’s important to look back at the good things and all that we have accomplished this year, and what better time to do that than Thanksgiving. Even though the holiday might look a little different than normal, there are still countless traditions that make Thanksgiving the holiday that it is.

 FMHS Sophomore Isa Purser usually has “orange rolls for breakfast and watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.” This is a great way to spend a Thanksgiving morning and luckily it can still be enjoyed following Covid 19 regulations. Food is one thing that completes the Thanksgiving holiday and speeding time with your family is one thing that won’t change for Purser this month.

Another tradition that is pretty popular among families is to go on long walks or to go on long hikes on Thanksgiving. Grand Junction offers some beautiful scenery to admire while you burn off the food and sophomore Meilyn Recker agrees, as her family speeds the Turkey day evenings “going on a hike with my dogs.” 

Even though Thanksgiving does not offer as many movies or songs based on the holiday, there are a few essentials many students agree must be on their watchlist for the holiday. 

Another sophomore at FMHS Honor Wescott also has a similar tradition with “watching the parade with my family while we wait for the food to be finished.” Recker also does this as she “watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in the mornings.” Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is another item that can be enjoyed on the and that has become a staple in plenty of traditions.

Sadly Covid 19 affected many families and due to regulations and increasing cases large get togethers are not as safe. Sophomore at FMHS Ellie Lloyd claims that “It kinda sucks that I can’t see my grandparents this Thanksgiving. Normally we see them every year.”

 Covid may have disrupted some traditions, but there are still plenty or other ways to spend the holiday, because really all  you need is family, food, an occasional parade viewing, and time to give thanks and be grateful for all that we have.