Incoming 2021 Fashion Trends

Norah Sechrist, Reporter

In the world today, we see so many new fashion trends popping up. Some are new ones that we haven’t seen before and some are being brought back from the past. It is crazy how so many new trends and outfits that get started and they go all around the world in such a short time..

There are so many different types of trends   that it is hard to keep track of all of them. They come one day and then the next day it’s a new thing and its cycle of that in our everyday lives. Many kids now are bringing back the things that their parents used to wear in their teen days, for example biker jackets. Biker jackets were very popular in the 80s and it is now popular again. Bringing back old fashion trends is such an amazing thing because it gets paired with clothes from today and you’re bringing the old trend back to life.

When walking on the street, you can hardly count the number of different trends people are showing off and most people switch it up everyday. In 2021, trends are being brought back to life such as delicate florals, bold shoulders. Many new ideas are coming into fashion this year and most of them are vintage.

Maya Harrington, a student from Palisade high school says “Fashion is the best and it is so cool to see the many designs people are coming up with today and being able to use them in our everyday lives, and I love to see that trends have always been coming back to life and to see that in a time gap we still wear things that our parents wore when they were our age.” 

So many new fashion ideas are coming together and the top one are biker jackets and leather and while that is a very interesting combo fashion designers make it worth the while and put a whole new twist on it.