By Kenley Kohls

A plague is spreading in the school:

Targeting dorks, and kids who are cool.

Nowhere is safe, poop particles travel 25 feet

You look with suspicion to everyone you meet.

It started out in Palisade

And promptly began to escalate,

Schools are closing, Fruita? Not yet.

We are the strongest, but we’ll fall soon I bet.

Middle schools are out for the week

Children are infected, the outcome is bleek,

Riots are forming, people are scared

Antibiotics aren’t working, no vaccines been prepared. 

The numbers are growing, I hear just 80 more

And they’ll release us from this infected corridor,

The passage ways are empty, but here I stand strong,

A germ rebellion is where I belong.

Years of consumption of food long expired,

Has left its mark, my immune systems rewired.

I give thanks to ignoring the five-second-rule

You looked with disgust then, but now who’s the fool?

Airborne sickness fills your lungs

You start to hear your funeral drums

The plague is here, in every room

Prepare to meet your painful doom

Of uncontrollable spontaneous vomit

And crap that shoots out faster than comets.