Love and Chinese Water Clocks

By Tyra Forsgren

Since when did poetry become

A cry of a single man in agony 

or love? In a

War that never ends,

Both on land and inside

Their heads, whether 

The weather is actually this way it’s 

always grey and stormy.


But some like the rain-how it

Flows from a cloud onto the 

Ground and dries back into the sky.

A hydraulic cycle that inspired a 

hydraulic system- it made time-

A foundation for our current existence!

How did humans survive before a 

Sundial: A measurement 

That measures life? How did humans survive 

On nothing but sunrise and sunset, just eating and sleeping?


As a collective human race, we

Made things, gained control.

A hunger that grew into OCD like

Goals, conditions, and premonitions

We used water to control a clock,

Which controls every second of everyday

Yet love

Is timeless…