The Friendship in Of Mice and Men

By Xinwei Dong

 Of Mice and Men is written by John Steikbeck , George and Lennie had a good friendship in this book. Moveover, they had dreams. Even though they had an argument and George shot Lennie at the end  but George never gave up on Lennie.


    John Steikbeck wrote Of Mice and Men in 1930s .  Also John Steikbeck express some of his social conscience about America at that time . Lennie and George are the main characters in this book. Their personality is different but the friendship still makes people move. 


     We can see some part shows the friendship they had . Like,  ‘’And I got you , we got each other, that’s what, that gives a hoot in hell about us ,’’Lennie cried in triumph. This is the evidence shows Lennie and George’s friendship and George took care of  Lennie , Lennie treated George as a family . Also Lennie cannot live without George . Like: George helped Lennie to get a job so he can make money , without George , Lennie would immediately  become destitute and most likely would be committed to some kind of mental asylum. 


      A good friend makes life easier . George and Lennie were the best and closest friend . Lennie , a big man stand out of the future , and George , a small smart guy . They are different but they trust each other and had the same dream . George and Lennie’ dream is for the future is to one day own a farm with lots of rabbits. Lennie dreams of taking care of the rabbits and other animals, and George hopes this dream will come true so that they  can lead a “better” life.


     Throughout Of Mice and Men , Steikbeck shows how important friendship , dreams and,mutual trust really are– even for a group of men who have been told and shown that helping one another or sacrificing one’s own well-being for another makes them weak or vulnerable.