By Myna Francis

In today’s society all we do is say that we want equality.

Equality has created wars, torn countries apart, and it’s so far out of reach.

But it’s people like you that make equality so hard to gain.

Because you listen to him.

You don’t listen to us, they, he, she, to you.

You listen to him,

Some great dictator that can control your views on the world.

If only you heard what he was really saying.

You think he teaches you that we are wrong

Disgusting and horrible.

So you do as you think best.

You degrade,



Until we bleed at your feet.

You automatically criticize

You assume

Based on the simplest things.

So what if they are?

They can do as they wish.

You see two men hugging and you assume the worst.

One of their fathers has passed.

He needs that hug from his ‘best friend’ to comfort him.

What if that was you?

Your dead father, your best friend.

And someone like you came by and assumed.

So what if those two men are dating or married?

Why should that matter to you?

It doesn’t affect you or him.

All these harsh words and sayings that you throw at us

That you ball up, tightly,

Until it’s the size of a bowling ball,

And you throw it right at out faces.

And it hurts. Stings, Bruises, Bleeds, Burns, Breaks us.

But we wouldn’t do that to you.

Because we understand that it’s HIM.

Not they, she, and not even you.

This hideous creature in front of us is unique in every way

Even though you hate us.

So, here..

This is our ball of hate and disgust. This is our way

Of saying that this is wrong and stupid

And has gone too far. We are Unique.

We are Broken.

And now maybe you are just a little.

Because maybe, you see that his thoughts aren’t YOURS.

You’re unique.

We all are.

How does it feel?