Forever means always

By Lauren Vance

I love 


She said

Once upon a time. 

She held my hand and laughed.

I’ll never leave, she promised


I’ll always remember what she promised

She’d taught me how to love 

She made me smile every time she laughed. 

I can’t ever smile without you

And that breaks my heart everytime. 

Forever means always I said.


But I didn’t really know what I said.

It didn’t matter what I promised.

I thought I’d heal with time,

With more time and more love.

But who could love me but you?

I can’t remember the last time I laughed.


I can never forget how much I laughed. 

I always found funny what you said.

To you 

I promise 

No one else I’ll love 

And I’ll heal with time


A funny thing that time

So funny that I laughed. 

And surprised myself that I could without love.

I realize I’d lied when I said

When I promised

That I could do it without you. 


Why did you go, you

Live where there’s no time.

But each day I’ll live by what I promised. 

I still think I hear your laugh. 

Forever means always like I said.

And that’s how long to you, I’ll love.