The Mysteriousness of Enya and why her music is so Haunting

Alayna Jones, Journalist

Enya is a name not usually heard in today’s society. Enya has no place among the popular rap and pop artists. Enya is a music artist most well known for her songs “Only Time,” and “Orinoco Flow.” Her song “only Time” is more commonly known as “That song from the Mac and Cheese commercial.” Because of her lighthearted style, she is often overlooked. Enya is able to provide a unique sound and incorporate many meaning into her songs, which can be taken differently. Enya has a very interesting style of music which comes with her unique talents when it comes to songwriting and singing. 

Enya’s voice is haunting and her use of ten different languages in her songs, make the artist herself seem alienated. Enya’s talent reaches farther than her ability to speak ten languages. She has the ability to create songs with depth and meaning while still keeping the underlying tone very airy and mysterious. There are also other reasons to believe that Enya is more than just a chilling songwriter and talented singer.

First, Enya has offered very few interviews in the past and rarely posts on social media, or anything on the internet for that matter. Her last album was released in 2015, and she hasn’t posted publicly since then. Her interviews in the past include information on her music style, interests, and some very loose details about her personal life. Enya’s lack of contact with the outside world gives fans reasons to lose faith in her releasing another album. Many recently searched questions regarding Enya include; “What has happened to Enya?” and “Is Enya going to release a new album?” 

Second, Enya lives a very secluded life, without much contact with other people. Enya lives in a castle in the Irish woods. She lives all alone, except for her cat, and her nearest neighbor is five miles away. She is rarely seen or talked to and seems very content with living in solace. Enya has never gone on tour and the closest she’s come to making a public appearance in entertainment, was the appearance of her song, “May It Be” in the popular “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy. 

Enya is definitely a unique artist with an equally diverse crowd. In the interview “The Enchantment of Enya,”Enya herself said “The letters are coming in from very young children to an eighty year old gentlemen.”

  An avid fan since 1988, Amy Jones expressed her deep love for Enya. “The appeal of Enya, for a lot of people, is her calming and soothing style. Her music leaves you uplifted and not angry like much of the modern music does.” 

While she hasn’t released an album for over six years, Enya still remains very wealthy from her hit albums, and her music continues to interest people of all ages. Enya’s music continues to sell quite well, so she really has no need to release any more albums. 

Enya still mystifies fans and songwriters alike today with her interesting and haunting music style. There’s no telling if Enya will remain a prominent artist, but no one can tell when she will release another album. Only time.