The Salvation Army Thanksgiving Dinner


Mattie Baker, Reporter

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what one has, and to give back to those who have less. Many try to be a little more kinder and giving as this holiday season comes around. However, there is one organization that goes above and beyond when it comes to this.

The Salvation Army tries to give back to the community year round by accepting donations of food, money, clothing and other essentials to give to the less fortunate. They also provide church services, music classes, various after school programs, and emergency disaster services to communities. However, the Salvation Army is not just a way to give to the less fortunate, it is also a way to be more connected with the community, as anyone can attend the classes and enter the programs they offer.

As Thanksgiving approaches, the Salvation Army is able to take advantage of the renewed giving spirit in order to give more to those who need it. This is especially important around the holidays as the Army’s Thanksgiving dinner provides those who find themselves alone and without a place to go with a nice warm meal and people to connect with. 

As always, the Salvation Army is holding its annual turkey drive in order to get enough donations for a community Thanksgiving dinner. On average, about 500,000 pounds of food is collected and then turned into a great big feast for the community. However, as Covid-19 continues to be an issue and people are not able to attend the dinner in-person, the Salvation Army will be delivering over 1,000 meals to people and their families. 

According to Steve Staneart, who is the captain at the Salvation Army, the Thanksgiving dinner is always a nice place for “People who are in need in one way or another, homeless or alone, or some reason they can’t serve themselves or just wanted to be with people,” to come and a get a free meal while in the presence of their caring community.

In order for the Salvation Army to get enough food to feed so many people, they graciously accept any and all donations. There is no such thing as the Salvation Army getting too many donations as according to Staneart. “Everything that’s in the fridge or freezer right now if we don’t use it on Thanksgiving, stays in the fridge and the freezer until we can pass them out for Christmas.”

When Fruita Monument student, Jessica Stewart, was asked about her experience with the Salvation Army she said, “I have never volunteered or received help from the Salvation Army, but I do remember that every year around Christmas they dress up in Santa Claus outfits and stand outside and ask for donations. Often as it is the winter season, I see them standing out there on a bitter cold winter day asking for donations, which I think takes a lot of dedication and selflessness.”

People who work for or volunteer for the Salvation Army deserve a lot of praise and respect as they do whatever it takes to provide all people who are in need with supplies, money, food, and love. So, this year, as Thanksgiving comes around, be sure to donate either your time or spare supplies to the Salvation Army.