Fruita: A Town with Taste


Alexandria Stewart, Reporter

Fruita is a town full of diverse people. There are bikers, hikers, and those who love to just sit down with a good drink and enjoy the glorious views of our valley. There are a variety of coffee shops and drink stops here in this little town that many people seem to enjoy. 

In a survey, three questions were asked of one or more employees of some of these shops. One, what is the most ordered drink? Two, what is the best drink (in your opinion)? Three, what is the weirdest drink you’ve made? There were a wide variety of answers and a few similarities. 

Quench, a small but popular shack has a wide selection of bubbly goodness, with satisfying tastes. Harrison, an employee from Quench answered that the most ordered drink was the “Wicked Grin.” This drink includes Dr. Pepper, raspberry, and coconut cream for just 88 cents (added to the size price). The best drink, according to Harrison, is the “Biker’s Flow,” which is stubborn agave vanilla cream soda, black cherry, and vanilla cream, again for only 88 cents extra. The weirdest drink that Harrison has ever made was a random collection of things. This includes green apple, lemon-lime, true lime, and Sprite. He described this concoction as very sour but good! It isn’t on the menu, but if you want to try it, head to your nearest Quench and just order following the recipe above!

With its new holiday cups and yummy treats, Starbucks knows just how to attract festive foodies. When many people think of an enjoyable drink, they think of coffee. Although Starbucks is known for its coffee, it also has refreshers that are comparable to Quench. An employee who would like to be referred to as J., says that she thinks, in general, the most ordered drink is the Caramel Crunch Frappuccino. In terms of the fall season, the most ordered drink is the Pumpkin Spice Latte or the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. Starbucks is well known for long, complicated drinks. J. has a specific order that she thinks is the best drink. This consists of a Tall Double Blonde Breve Latte with two raw sugars and cinnamon. The weirdest drink she got to make the morning of the interview was an Iced Matcha Tea Latte with chai and peppermint. She thought it was most definitely a drink for someone with an acquired taste. If you love Starbucks, and you need a new drink, order one of these recipes at your local Starbucks!

When strolling along Fruita’s Aspen Avenue, there is always a buzz on the corner of Aspen and S Mulberry St. Here, Aspen Street Coffee, the city chic coffee shop offers various drinks. Grace, an employee, says that the most ordered drink is a latte of any kind. Grace’s favorite drink is the Caramel Delight. And the weirdest or longest drink she has made was a nonfat latte with sugar-free vanilla, no foam, extra hot. Aspen Street Coffee offers not only coffee but also smoothies and delicious baked treats to go with a perfect morning pick-me-up. If you would like to give any of these goodies a try, head down to the admired Aspen Street Coffee!

The Western Slope has some pretty great coffee shops, but Bestslope takes the cake for the funnest names for sure! Workers Torri and Cord were asked what the most ordered drink was. Torri answered a latte, and Cord answered the Drip Coffee. When asked what the best drink is, Torri answered with The Bizcochito Latte, a latte featuring notes of butter cookie, licorice, and cinnamon. Cord answered with Pour Overs, a simple yet classic coffee that is simply poured over the coffee grounds. The two were asked what the weirdest order was and Torri answered “The Pangalactic GargleBlaster”, an assorted mix of ingredients including many of their coffee flavors and types, and Cord replied, a six-shot decaf americano, an interesting one to understand. Bestslope has a wide variety of things to try, so next time you are strolling past the vibey restaurant with the “COFFEE” sign outside of it, stop in!

If you are ever in a hurry to get to Grand Junction and need a caffeine fix, Morning Mission Coffee is your perfect solution! Just off the highway, this little shop will satisfy any desire. Julia, an employee, says that the most ordered drink is the Caramel Delight, which is a mix of coffee, caramel, cream, and sometimes chocolate. She decided the best drink in her opinion is the Fluffernutter or the White Chocolate Pumpkin drink, perfect for fall. The weirdest drink order she has made is a mix of all of their smoothie flavors together! Morning Mission Coffee has a large variety of classic and seasonal drinks to give you exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Fruita has many places to appease the need for a refreshing drink, whether that be a yummy smoothie, a bubbly drink, or a revitalizing sip of caffeine. The diverse town has a variety of tastes and a knack for unique flavors. Fruita is a town that keeps employees on their toes with their random and interesting orders. If you thought that any of these drinks would be good, head to your local drink stop to try them out!