The Importance of Thanksgiving

Marissa Glass, Reporter

When you think about Thanksgiving you probably think about turkey, pie and mashed potatoes. You and your family may gather around the table and say what you’re most thankful for, then you eat so much you can barely walk afterwards. But some Americans don’t celebrate this holiday. And some people sometimes forget it is one. So, why should we celebrate it? 

On November 25th, 1621 Plymouth Pilgrims and Wampanoag Native Americans shared a feast together. It was a  celebration of the Native Americans sharing their meal with the colonists, after a long hard winter. Many Americans Celebrated Thanksgiving in 1863 and beyond after Abrham Lincion declared it a national holiday. 

According to “In many American households, the Thanksgiving celebration has lost much of its original significance.” Meaning that many people have forgotten about the true meaning of the holiday and have almost been overshadowed by Black Friday and Christmas.

Many Americans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it promotes a religious holiday that may go against their beliefs. The Pilgrims came to the Americas from the commands of Gods and paid thanks to him. And some believe it’s wrong to celebrate the Pilgrims, who stole Native American land.  Sophomore student Alayna Jones “I think it’s that no one celebrates thanksgiving because we need to be grateful for and celebrate those who fought for our freedom and we owe it to them to celebrate their sacrifice for us.”

This may be true to some Americans, but, for others, the feast represents the harvest of food and the demonstration of gratitude for the blessings of the year. Many Americans may need this version of Thanksgiving more than ever this year. Last year, many families may have lost loved ones and  developed mental health issues due to Covid-19. Sophomore student Bailey George states that “ I think it will be good for people to get out and travel and gather around with their families”. 

For the Americans that do celebrate the holiday, some traditions are breaking the wishbone for good luck, watching parades and watching or playing football. Of course,saying thanks is one of the most common traditions.

A survey that went around Fruita Monument High School shows that 100% of students do celebrate Thanksgiving. Sophomore Student Ayden Belvins states that he likes Thanksgiving because of his “family and eating food.”

Thanksgiving demonstrates the importance of gratefulness and brings a warm feeling to families around the nation. Sophomore student Brianna Haran says “ I like to sit and laugh with my family and eat food”

After events in the past year Americans have faced Covid and in some cases people have lost family members. Thanksgiving can be a way for people to express their gratitude and remember the fallen.