Best Tattoos in the Sports World

Jayce Jessup, Editor

In the world of sports, there is one thing that is put on display more than anything, well aside from freak athleticism and massive contracts. That thing is tattoos. As many people including myself are always watching and noticing when a top player gets a new tattoo. Whether they’re on a player who’s it’s their first that we can really see or if it’s one of many they’re noticed and praised all in the same. 

When asked which professional sport features the best tattoos freshman Jack Carrica said, ¨In my opinion it has to be the NBA, as they are showcased more than other sports due to them wearing tank tops and shorts, when compared to other sports where their legs and most of their arms are covered. 

This all shows why the NBA is the sport that mentions tattoos the most and what leads to people getting a similar tattoo to someone in the NBA.

There are also some players that are praised by the tattoos they have, with many instagram pages taking votes as to who has the best tattoos in each sport.

When asked what athlete has the best tattoos freshman Gavin Bradshaw said, ¨I’d say that Odell Beckham Jr.has the best tattoos in the sports world, from his quantity and quality he easily has the best.¨

While the NFL isn’t known for their great tattoos they arguably do feature the athlete with the best ink. However, it is a unanimous opinion that the NBA features the best tattoos over all of professional sports.