The Benefits of Joining Newspaper


Mariella Schermerhorn, Editor

Fruita Monument High School is known as one of the most diversified schools in the valley when it comes to the classes you’re able to take. Each student has their own individual passions, and each just wants to get through high school as smoothly as possible. Fruita Monument offers a range of classes from AP to even simple elective classes that explore a range of topics depending on certain students’ desires. One of these classes, however, is debatably one of the most creative classes offered at Fruita Monument: Newspaper.

  The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Newspaper class is writing, which may deter a lot of students from joining. And while there is endless writing when it comes to this class, there are also endless topics that one may write about. It does not simply have to strictly be news, as there are many different sections to write in. 

As the Arts and Entertainment editor, I deal with stories that range from ranking your favorite movies to the latest celebrity drama that has caught your eye. For example, I work on editing all the stories in the section. For the most recent one, I edited a story about Nickelodeon vs. Disney, written by Marissa Glass. This story included the compassion of these networks, and encompasses exactly what an A&E story should be, with it covering the entertainment aspect.

Or there is commentary, which can allow you to rant about whatever topic you believe others may be interested in (with relevant evidence supporting your argument, of course).

 And if you are particularly drawn to sports, we are always in need of sports stories, no matter what sport they may be on. It could be even a non-traditional sport, maybe the Quidditch Club, or could even cover global news about football. 

And of course, there is the actual News section, in which we like to cover more local stories, as they can be the most relatable to our readers. Emma Priske, a recent editor this year, writes a lot of creepy stories about local news. One of the most popular stories she’s written is about the Chicken Wackers, a cult-like group in the Grand Junction area. You see, a lot of our reporters like to take liberty with what they write about, and there are no restrictions on what it can be able. (School appropriate being the only restriction)

When asked why she joined Newspaper, Emma Priske stated, “I wanted to pursue my passion for writing, and I was hoping to see if I would consider journalism as a potential career.” 

That seems to be a common theme among us, Newspaper students, as a lot of us are curious about what journalism is truly like. However, there is still the discussion of Features, which can allow one to delve into the personal story of a person or event. A recent example would be an in-depth review of the school’s community art project, written by Lennea Gregg. Features are a great way to get into real detail about something, and a great way to show an audience how something operates.

Abby Deeths, co-managing and News editor, states, “My favorite thing about Newspaper is that I have the freedom to express myself.”

There are so many options to choose from, and endless topics you can write about. You

don’t have to be an excellent writer to be able to write something you’re passionate or curious about, and Newspaper class doesn’t even have to include writing. Last year, we had a photographer by the name of Timber Schuman, who was the go-to person to take all the pictures for the stories we wrote about. He was an excellent photographer, but unfortunately, he graduated, meaning we were left to take our own pictures. However, the Newspaper class would greatly benefit from someone who is passionate about art, and who is willing to take a number of pictures for our stories.  

For someone who is highly stressed with the effects of my senior year and with my other difficult classes, Newspaper is a class that is highly flexible with my schedule and allows me lots of time to be able to write my articles. And if I happen to fall behind, which I tend to do from time to time, Mr. Wuster (aka Wudog), is very forgiving and allows for extensions on the stories assigned. Not only that but you are granted free time in class to be able to work on your stories, get interviews, and overall build bonds with the others in this class. Nevertheless, there are still deadlines one must make so that we can make the paper on time. But, you have plenty of time to do these stories, a whole quarter in fact.

Speaking from personal experience, this class has been one of my favorites in my high school career. And although writing is my passion, I know for a fact that even if it wasn’t, this class would still be enjoyable in many of the aspects it has given me. I have built bonds with many of my peers, and it is due to this class. This class not only has given me the fuel for my passion for writing, but it has also offered me a chance to explore many many other interests. And I believe that it can do the very same for you.