Main Street Cafe is Closing


The Front of Main Street Cafe

Apple Middleton, Reporter

A beloved, downtown Grand Junction Cafe- Main Street Cafe has released its reasons for closing. The owner had passed it along to another set of owners who then decided to permanently close it. After its long years of success, this restaurant is finally taking its time off, and the large impact it made on our town makes it difficult for locals to come to terms with it. 

This Cafe was loved by locals for its extraordinary ambiance and unique concept. This was a 1950s style diner that served hamburgers, fried foods, and amazing milkshakes.

This Cafe has a vivid historic atmosphere which makes it loving and fun to be a part of. 

Malia Oney, a cafe enthusiast, says that her favorite part of Main Street Cafe is the “atmosphere and decorations because it makes me feel like I’m back in the Fifties eating with my favorite artists.” Along with Oney, many others have admired this building for a long time as it makes them feel as if they are in the past, enjoying food in a fifties diner. 

Unfortunately, Main Street Cafe is closing. The owner of Main Street Cafe had been diagnosed with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic and is struggling to find assistance where she needs it, making it impossible to run the business. According to KKCO news, Nina Gluckman and her husband Evan, the owners of Main Street Cafe, handed off their restaurant in 2020 after 28 years of business. 

The restaurant has announced on its Facebook page and website that it is permanently closing, but gave people the opportunity to stop by and admire the interior before it closed forever. 

Main Street Cafe was opened in 1992 as a cafe on Seventh Street, and then was moved to the downtown location in 2000. It was at this time that they had tripled their staff, rebranded, and doubled its seating capacity, which is when it flourished. 

Their reviews were mainly positive and excited to return. They often highlighted how good the service is along with kind staff and good food. One review by Kevin English states “What a great fun place to eat. The staff was friendly and attentive. Our group tried several dishes and liked them all…” 

Not only did Main Street Cafe carry delicious and nostalgic food options, but it helped create a fun, inviting ambiance that is inviting and keeps guests coming back. Main Street Cafe has special appearances by Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe through artwork and prints, they are a central theme of this restaurant and it’s one of the main attractions of this location.  Once again, Oney expresses her thoughts on this restaurant she holds so dearly to her heart. She says “the restaurant is my childhood; it was a way for me to connect to my grandparents as I rarely got to see them.” She would visit this place each Sunday with her grandparents to connect with them at the end of their weeks. Now, as it closes, she feels that she is drifting from her grandparents and has no location to reconvene with them. I also have spent much time with my grandpa at Main Street Cafe and have many fond memories from it. 

Despite the tragedy of losing a local favorite, this restaurant left a huge mark on our town and gave it a unique flare. This restaurant was very influential and a big attraction to locals and tourists alike, as it was a unique, Grand Junction location. This restaurant made you feel like you were in the Fifties, and now we have to reenter reality into our own day and age. This restaurant will not go unmissed.