Why Golf is a Useful Outlet for All

Lennea Gregg, Reporter

As many of us already know, golf is not popular when it comes to entertainment value. The sport of golf is known for its often ‘boring’ appearance, but  it actually has great psychological benefits. Specifically, golf has been found by Golf Digest to be “able to reduce anxiety, improve confidence and boost self-esteem.” 

Along with these positive mental improvements, golf has been shown to help athletes play all other sports; it’s an aid in learning new sports, being mentally sound while playing them and understanding their concepts overall. This was indicated in a 2015 article examining a list of PGA golfers that have played many other sports, and had the potential to go pro in said sports. The calming nature of golf is attributed to its repetitive rhythm. This can be incredibly beneficial to those with anxiety issues. Nonetheless, golf can be an extremely stressful sport for those who play professionally, like any sport at this level. The chances of failure in each round of golf tends to wreak mental havoc on those who have a lot at stake. But golf has been shown to be incredibly relaxing for those just playing for fun. 

Golf can provide significant benefits to people with busy work schedules, students, and individuals dealing with stressful home and family situations.  Golf and Health states that, “Golf provides mental wellbeing benefits: research highlights that golf can help individuals improve their confidence, self-esteem and anxiety levels.”

Aviv Clinics took a closer biological look at what golf actually does to the brain, stating that, “Golfing has been shown to have positive effects on the brain as well. A National Institute of Health study found that golf contributes to improved focus and attention in individuals who experienced ‘subjective memory complaints.’”

Golf can be highly advantageous for people of all ages, at the competitive and non competitive level. FMHS varsity golfer Kaleb Holm explained how golf can be both a physical and mental workout, while still providing adequate relaxation and focus for the mind, “especially after a long school week.” Holm made it clear that, “while it can be super stressful out there when you’ve been playing all day in the sun and you’re tired, it’s good for me to keep myself going, it’s definitely something that helps me relax on a weekly basis.” He said his golf season is busy and often interferes with school days, but that he gains so much from the sport and is glad he’s kept playing throughout his highschool career. 

It is clear that golf can be valuable  not only to athletes but also to those just looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Sports like golf are a reliable  way to challenge and relax the brain with something consistent and exciting. Overall, it is seen that golf is a perfect sport for releasing stress and a sufficient activity for anyone in need of a reset, therefore, golf is extremely advantageous to all.