Newspaper photo collage “A Charming Introduction”

Noah Richardson, Reporter

From the Colorado River to the top lakes of the Mesa, if you have spent time outside you have probably seen some of the great views this valley has to offer. Whether it is a sunrise on the mountains, or simply a great view, these were some of our favorites.

One of the greatest views in the valley is a sunrise over the Book Cliffs to the North. Being up and in the mountains at six in the morning is not an easy task, but at the same moment it is one of the best sites to see at this time of day.

Just as impressive as a mountain sunrise is a cloudy evening sunset. This ocherous sky is nothing if not unique; however, it is also iconic for those who live in the valley. Provided with an extra contrast from the lamp post, this bold and dark scene presents the wide variety of moments the valley has to offer.

Above the forest, what a place to be. This picturesque view of one of the many Mesa Lakes is something that keeps not only locals but the tourists who love the Western Slope, coming back to the top of the mountain over and over again, enjoying each trip.