Lunch Time, Fun Time

Redd Cota, Reporter

A lot of students long for lunch to relieve themselves from four straight hours of non-stop learning, but what do they actually do at lunch?
Many students who can drive or have friends that can drive, leave school, and go to popular food places like Taco Bell, McDonalds, Wendys, Dairy Queen and other fast food places around Fruita. However, because of how long lines are during this time, many students order food, get their food and have to eat in the car or in their next class. It is not uncommon to see many students eating their last bit of fries from McDonalds in a fifth hour class. “Whenever I actually get my food, I have like 5 minutes to get back and into my class. I feel bad that I am always eating my lunch during my class,” said Junior Lily Rigsby.
Some students go to Maverick, to grab a quick snack, and walk back to the school and eat in the commons area. “I walk with my friends, get some chips or something, and a drink, then eat it at the high school, and just hang out.,” Junior Talia Allen explained.
This is one of the faster options. The place is packed at first, but lines go by fast Especially with the recently opened Bonfire Grill, students can get some food quickly and still have time to hang out with friends.
Other students simply stay here and get cafeteria food, hang out in the commons or library, or just go home.
“I leave school and go home with my boyfriend, Hunter, and friends to eat lunch,” Junior Natalie Martinez said.
“I go home with my friends for lunch,” Junior Megan Formicola replied. This is one of the most popular options for those who live not too far away from the school.
If you take a step into the library you are bound to see some students doing homework and chatting away or some students playing games on the school computers.
“I just sit in the library with my friends and talk during lunch,” Junior Shelby Duran explained.
A few students retake tests during the lunch hour as well.
Most of us can agree that lunch is a very good part of our day. It gives you a mental break, and puts you in a good mood, with good food. However, some students think it would be nice with a little more time.
When asked if she likes the lunch period, Martinez responded, “Yes but no: Yes because it’s the only break I can get throughout the day, but no because it’s only 45 minutes long.”
If lunch is the only break students get throughout the long eight hour day, shouldn’t we have a longer lunch to help us balance ourselves out with all the work we are doing?