More than a Waterboy

Spencer Robbiano, Reporter

The Fruita Monument football team had an enthusiastic cheerleader on the sidelines each game this season, but he was not part of the traditional cheerleading squad. Junior Jackson Steele was a waterboy for the football team and loved to be at the games taking care of the team and rooting for their success. 


Steele’s duties didn’t just stop at handing out water. He also helped to coach the team. “Coach Jackson is always there to help keep team morale high. He gets us hyped with his pregame talks and even helps us out on the sideline. Everyone loves coach Jackson and what he brings to the team,” senior player Jaeden Mitchell said. 


It was Steele’s love of football that inspired him to pursue this role, so he asked coach and Science teacher Jeff Miller about helping out. “Jackson always brought positive energy to practice and games.” “The players and coaches loved working with Jackson,” said Miller.


Jackson’s enthusiasm for the game and team was obvious. “It’s so cool, coaching and cheering on,” said Steele. “Football games make me happy because I help pump-up the team, and it’s my world!”


But there is more to being at the game than just football. The concession stand is also a big draw. “I love nachos with just cheese!”


Steele even got to attend the team’s final playoff game and had the extra special experience of taking a 40 minute flight to Colorado Springs. “It has been awesome. As a waterboy, I coached the team to the playoffs.”