The Importance of Poetry

The Importance of Poetry

Mason Compton, Reporter

The beauty of poetry is unlike any other piece of writing in this world. There are a number of ways to write poetry such as haiku first formed from ancient Japanese poets such as Matsuo Basho who wrote “From time to time.” This poem reads “From time to time/the clouds give rest/to the moon beholders.”. Perhaps you’re more familiar with formal verse instead which is used in one of the most famous poems in the world: Robert Frost’s “The Road not Taken” which many know this poem for the famous lines “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.” With all of these forms of poetry and all of the poets who write this beauty, what is the importance of poetry?

Poetry is important because it is the most elegant form of writing. Every time a poet places a pen on their paper they are showing self expression. Poets speak from the heart, not only from their mind and pen. Poets can touch your heart like none other. Poems fill us with hope, peace, self-fulfillment and love. A wise man once said “Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” That quote was brought to life in the movie “Dead Poets Society.” This quote will hold true for life. Although your focus in life may be on getting a job in say engineering, engineering can’t teach you how to express yourself and find yourself but poetry does this.

After talking to Madyson Martinez, a composition literature teacher, she said, “Poetry is a record of our experiences that actually reveals human soul and evolution of the human soul. We have science books, math books, among other studies but poetry comes from one’s heart. When we think in terms of what we’re leaving behind that’s what matters.”
Much like the quote found within “Dead Poets Society”, Martinez shows us that poetry is what matters in the end although there are many noble pursuits that do matter deeply for society poetry will be the most beautiful thing left behind and expressed currently showing how we’ve grown beyond beautiful souls.

The poet James Compton, the writer of the poetry book “Between the Grey ”, discussed the importance of poetry. He was asked the following question: “As a writer of a poetry book and being a poet, what does the importance of poetry look like for you? Why is it important to read and possibly write poetry?” James replied “Poetry is important because it lets people say things that aren’t always comfortable to say in a traditional conversation or academic writing. You’re able to illustrate hidden meanings and let your emotions be heard. It’s important to be involved in this kind of literature as it gives you a chance to see the world in a different perspective.”
After reading some of the poet’s writings firsthand, you see he lives by this. In the book “Between the Grey”, James expresses many emotions throughout his writings that he says would “not be spoken aloud among people” and he also said, “It lets me speak from my heart.”
In the end, it is apparent that poetry is so important because it lets us express our beautiful souls and flourish through elegant forms of writing that can only be seen within poetry. It lets us speak our truth, our burdens, and our love in ways that we can’t even imagine speaking from our tongues. But poetry gives us the ability to express all of these beautiful emotions which we may never have let drip from our mouths, but through this writing we dip our pens into our hearts placing down our souls through such elegant words expressing the emotions flowing through every ounce of our body. All of our hearts beat with poetic words so listen to its beat.