What does spotify wrapped say about you

What does spotify wrapped say about you

Brooke Walker, Reporter

It is around the time of year that we are all getting our spotify wrapped, to see what music we listened to throughout the year. That is of course if you have spotify. Many students at FMHS listen to different types of music and the types of music you listen to reflects your style, emotions, and many other things. The music you listen to now says a lot about you.

For some students like Riley Micheals we are seeing old artists and older music making a comeback stronger than ever. Riley likes to listen to Elvis, and the Smiths.

“I would basically say that it just expresses a lot of what I grew up on. I connect music with how I feel in the moment , music can be used to cope and music is probably one of the most important things to me , it’s what’s closest to me. I feel like music can show all sides of a person and certain artists have such beautiful and poetic minds. it’s an art form, and liking Lana from such a young age is definitely one of my biggest flexes.” stated Riley.
Riley loves expressing herself with music, and is never shy about posting the newest songs that she is listening to.

Other students like Heidi Bert listen to more country or rock songs. Some of her top artists were Waylon Jennings, Zach Bryan, The Highwaymen, George Strait, and Milky Chance. Heidi also said she listens to music based on her mood. Lately with finals coming up she has been listening to classical music while she studies.

“I listen to a lot of music. Music determines my emotions honestly. Sometimes I can’t listen to certain songs because it brings up memories that are sad or I want to forget. But new music can always make life happier.” Hannah Hillan said.
Some songs Hannah likes to listen to are Overplayed by Thomas Day, Softly by Thomas Day, and I’ll Be There for You by Ali Gatie.
Students all express themselves differently, especially when it comes to their taste in music. Between hip hop, rap, country, rock, and so many other kinds of music, students especially use music to express themselves.