Shazam Review

Marissa Glass, Editor

Shazam Fury of the Gods was released into theaters on March 17th. Although there were some mixed reviews, the movie has important elements that help capture meaningful lessons which make this family movie a must see.
The new Shazam takes place a few years after the first one and the protagonist Billy is on the edge of turning eighteen and fears he will get kicked out by his current foster parents. As seen in the first movie all of his foster siblings are gifted the power of Shazam and they became a group of heroes, but some citizens in town don’t see them that way. Billy has dreams of the wizard who helped him and he says that a great danger is coming. A portal was broken and now gods can walk on earth. The gods are angry because Billy and his siblings carry the powers of gods and they try to take revenge.
Shazam has a way of tying elements together in the movie, such as a hint of dialogue or a scene in the movie that comes together in the end. For instance, in the beginning Billy struggles with calling his foster mom, mom and throughout the movie he realizes what she has done for him and can later call her mom. The movie has a great focus on family, and even though family can be annoying and controlling it is still the most important element.
According to AP News Shazam Fury of the Gods has grossed 35 million dollars. Although it didn’t gross as high as it was thought.
Although some may argue that it was a cheesy movie, Shazam Fury of the Gods ensures to the audience that family is important and to always stick together.