Things To Do When You Turn 18

Ellyssa Lloyd, Reporter

As more and more seniors are turning 18, they can’t help but think of their new opportunities and freedoms to explore. As an 18 year old you are now considered a legal adult, and with that, new adventures become available to you, and most teenagers take advantage of that right away. Even if you aren’t turning 18 soon, it is still fun to think of things that you can do when you reach adulthood and maybe make future plans to celebrate it! With that, here are some fun things to do after you turn 18.

Travel- You can now travel without the company of an adult which opens the door to many new experiences, cultures, and memories. Most Vrbo´s and hotels only require you to be 18 in order to reserve a room. So, if you’re looking for ways to celebrate your 18th birthday consider a little road trip!

Body Modifications- While you can get tattoos and piercings under the age of 18 with the permission and consent of a legal guardian, after you turn 18 you can do it without as you are now your own boss! Senior Peyton Evanich-Kurtenbach got a septum piercing shortly after turning 18 and “feels liberated because I now have control over my own body and am taking the first steps in creating my own identity¨.

Voting participation- When you are 18 you can participate in local and nationwide elections! It is always exciting to know that you can change and grow the nation we live in! Remember to register to vote so that you won’t miss out on any important decisions that could impact you! Remember to vote! A lot of people pre register to vote when they get their driver’s license and so when they turn 18 are automatically registered to vote! If you want to register to vote at your local election office!

Purchases- When you turn 18 you are able to purchase a large new variety of things in the state of colorado such as:
Lottery Tickets
Cough syrup
A pet
A credit card
A Car
Even if you aren’t 18 keep these things in mind as something to look forward to! And if you are 18 feel free to experiment with your newfound freedoms as an adult but keep in mind that some of these new opportunities can be long lasting so take careful consideration.