Mental Health Awareness Month

Adilana Anderson, Reporter

This month we celebrate 74 years of mental health awareness month, 74 years that we as humans have been trying to bring awareness to a growing issue with lack of mental health knowledge and awareness. As years have passed it has grown more and more. Checking up on people, watching for signs, and just saying something is up can be a great way to save someone’s life or even your own. Since 1949 it has only grown.
The NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Health, is an organization that was founded by families of people that had been diagnosed with mental illness. Since 1979, the NAMI has been in support of May being Mental Health Awareness Month. “Together, we fight stigma, provide support, educate the public and advocate for policies that support the millions of people in the U.S. affected by mental illness,” their website states.
They have many ways that you can get involved and learn how to be aware and help people you know. One way is their More Than Enough Campaign that is all about letting people know that they are more than enough. “We want every person out there to know that if all you did was wake up today, that’s more than enough. No matter what, you are inherently worthy of more than enough life, love and healing. Showing up, just as you are, for yourself and the people around you is more than enough.” But this is not the only way people are getting involved.
Social media has been a big influencer in people’s lives over the years and during Mental Health Awareness month, it becomes a way for people to help. Many people post about checking up on people and looking for the signs along with their stories about how they have dealt with their mental illness. People post to remind people to heal and to speak out about their issues so that they can seek help. By reminding people, especially young impressionable kids, it is helping to break the stigma that surrounds reaching out when you are struggling.
Whether you are going to share about or get involved with the month’s awareness purposes, it is a reminder to check up on your loved ones and to check in with yourself. No matter what some people may say, it is not weak to speak up if you are struggling, that’s what this month is all about. Some of us just need a reminder that is ok to struggle and to seek help.