Spring in Colorado: A Photo Essay

Shy Edic, Editor


Spring is the time of year when we see life flourish in Fruita. There’s plenty of talk about people’s new editions to their houses! The hot topic this year seems to be especially goats. Baby goats are now in season and popping up all over Loma and Fruita. The one pictured is “Yoda.” Named after his laid back vibes and huge floppy ears. You can always count on him for some love and to follow you everywhere, as long as you have food. Food you have, follow he will. Photo courtesy of Shy Edic





The Colorado National Monument is a beautiful place to be this time of year and is a great way to get outside. You can see the history of life around each corner, among the layers, and the view of the valley from above. Photo courtesy of Sara Geddes.






Highline Lake is another popular spot among FMHS students. With a lakeside view surrounded by beautiful greenery, it’s a great place to get away from the chaos of school life and just be, potentially even getting a nice tan while listening to the birds sing while waiting for the water to get warmer. Photo courtesy of Magdalene DoolittleSchermerhorn



Another perspective on the Monument, which has 25 beautiful trails to choose from. Each with their own adventure and a chance to see spring flourish in the Grand Valley and get a breath of fresh air before the crazy of school ends and the crazy of summer begins. Photo courtesy of Sara Geddes






Spring is the perfect time to get out and play with your pets. With the snow melting and the green grass beginning to flourish, everyone including your pet is eager to get outside and enjoy the summer sun. Photo courtesy of Anastacia Shaw





“I hear the sounds of melting snow outside my window every night and with the first faint scent of spring, I remember life exists.” -John J. Geddes Another beautiful spring photo taken on the Colorado National Monument. Photo courtesy of Sara Geddes





Devils Kitchen is a popular attraction on the Colorado National Monument, and we can see why. The beautiful sunrise beckons off the red rocks and starts to bring life for the day amongst the Monument life. Photo courtesy of Sara Geddes