Tutors of Fortnite

Chloe Zambrano, Journalist

Addicted to Fortnite? Now you can win money! Fortnite now has a competition version where if you become successful at the game you can win money. Some Parents are loving the idea of that. So much so, that they are hiring tutors for their children to work on their gaming. The sore thumbs and sleepless nights are paying off… literally. Whether it’s joining the Twitch app, youtube, or doing host parties to win money, there are ways to get some extra cash by playing.

Children usually want to please their parents, but they want to have fun doing it, and now with this opportunity they can! The new hit game Fortnite, has become a competition of winning money if you receive high placements in the game. Mom and dad won’t want to take away the PC now. Kids now have so many followers due to livestreaming the game. An everyday average young adult has earned up to $560,000 (Time) because he has become the highest watched person ever while playing Fortnite.

Twitch, the app that allows users to watch live streams of playing Fortnite gives you half of what you earn. They are a free app that makes their money off of your success. Still good, huh? Along with Youtube allowing anyone to stream. Have some friends? Tell them to hop onto your latest upload, and it is instant cash! You can easily make some money instead of hiding your phone under the counter while checking out the customers just to get a quick game in. If you’re a little more on the competitive side, check out the 1v1 or 2v2 tournaments that third party websites host.. The most successful team wins! Beat the other team, and advance to the next level just like any bracket tournament, playing against people across the globe.

It may annoy mom and dad now, but keep up the hard work in this industry and you will bring in the big bucks for life! Have fun while “working” has seemed to work for others, as money is no longer an issue, thanks to Fortnite. Book your tutors today and enjoy.