Resurgence Of The Clinton Email Scandal

Mason Hendricks, Reporter

A new development of the email scandal has been revealed in years after Obama administration has left the white house. Lisa Page, a former FBI lawyer, made a statement that the Department of Justice was told to “go easy” on Clinton and her email scandal. Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General of the United States may be responsible for stopping the FBI from pursuing further investigation into Hillary Clinton to save the American public from possible civil war. The FBI was intending to charge Clinton with gross negligence for leaking thousands of classified emails across the internet that could endanger U.S. security. However, it now seems that the government was more concerned of the consequences of charging Hillary Clinton after the 2016 election than they were about the damage done from her leaked information. The investigation that could have taken place may have sent the U.S. political culture into a spiral of distrust and chaos. Clinton had focused her entire presidential campaign on convincing the public that Donald Trump was a man of reprehensible moral character, that he was politically corrupt, that he colluded with a foreign state, etc. Nobody expected Trump to win the 2016 election. The hysteria that broke out afterwards was chaotic enough, but the outrage that would have come from an investigation into Clinton could have strained our political and social climate to the max. The fear that Trump was Hitler reincarnated – a fascist dictator that would lock up or kill his political opponents was (and still is) an actual belief amongst people that oppose him. To see Trump win and Hillary Clinton actually go to prison would have caused complete anarchy in places like California, New York, and Chicago. If 50% of the country truly believed that Donald Trump was a sexist, racist, authoritarian who colluded with Russia to win an election, how would they react to watching him throw his political opponent into a federal prison? Out of all of the scandals in the last three years, this is the most important and evidence substantiated out of any of them – especially after the Mueller summary has practically proven that Trump never colluded with foreign states to win the election.