School Store Supporting Students

Cayen Foye, Reporter

Not only did the construction bring us the much appreciated commons area, it also remodeled the school store. It sells coffee to the zombie-like caffeine starved students in the morning, as well as snacks, and FMHS merchandise. It is definitely worth checking out if you need a test-day pick me up or just need a little sugar, and it helps support FMHS students as well.

Run by business teacher and FBLA advisor Kathleen Recker explains that, “There are three groups of people that are at the store right now.  During 6th hour the side by side students operate the store to gain valuable work experience.  Their money goes toward their programs.  In addition, my Business Management class works the store about 4-5 times per semester as part of their grade.  In small groups they come up with a marketing promotion and work the store during 1 class period.  Again the money made goes back to the program. At other times of the day FBLA students run the store.  Some do it for community service hours and some are being paid under the federal Business Work Experience program.”  So if you’re walking by, it’s worth taking some time to stop and buy some gum, candy or beverage and support our local community and it’s students.

Now, during this pandemic many measures have been taken to ensure our safety. Everyone has an opinion on it, but what safety measures has the store taken? There are waiting line stickers to ensure social distancing as well as employees washing their hands often and even wearing gloves when preparing food. These safety measures help ensure the safety of students and staff here. Jack Williams, a FMHS student currently working the store says, “The school store is a great way for students at Fruita Monument High School to gain real work experience if they do not have a job outside of school. I am personally working at the school store because it is a great way to make a little money while also working in a fun, safe, and clean environment.”

The school store is definitely something that is at the heart of our community. Run by students, for students and staff alike, and supporting small local businesses by stocking with their products, the school store is a connected and vital part of FMHS. Recker says, “ We have collaborated with the Fruita small business community when ordering Fruita gear and the school store is a partnership between our school and the Fruita business community.”

 So the next time you walk by it in the common area, consider contributing to our community by purchasing food, drinks or swag.