Negatives of Masks in Sports

Jayce Jessup, Editor

Timber Schuman

In our world today it’s a common sight to see requirements of wearing a face covering to enter a place. While these requirements are understandable, there is one place where these face coverings have no place in being required: On the face of athletes.

These face coverings can restrict the oxygen that athletes are able to get while breathing heavily, which thus forces them to breathe in their own carbon dioxide when they breathe out due to the lack of ventilation that these face coverings provide. This breathing in our carbon dioxide can be very toxic to anyone, especially someone who is breathing heavily while exercising or competing. This can cause the person exercising to not get sufficient oxygen which can lead to a person feeling light headed and even pass out. This can also lead to damage of the brain, liver and other organs.

When asked how he feels about masks in athletics, FMHS senior Jace Hinton said, “It’s mainly just an annoyance, and it mainly just gets in the way. Along with that you constantly feel like you’re not getting enough air when you’re playing, which all just takes away from you playing your best.”

The fact that athletes are required to wear masks while playing in Colorado is only putting the athletes health at risk, and this isn’t a popular policy around the U.S.  as there are only a few states that require this which include Colorado and Michigan.

Many people have differing opinions on whether or not these requirements to wear masks are good or not. But, with all the science and discoveries that have been made as to the risks that these face coverings pose it makes us hope that no one will come down with one of those horrible and possibly life-altering medical conditions due to these face coverings. But, like most things it’s likely only a matter of time until someone encounters a medical complication related to these face coverings.