How to be a happy and healthy hermit

Cayen Foye, Reporter

When we got quarantined, some people realized how dependent they were on human interaction. Junior Madison Ganzer, who has always considered herself an introvert, says, “I felt like I was going crazy not seeing my friends, it was awful.” Some people realized how they could live their best life without it though. Human interaction is in fact a large part of a healthy life, but the amount people need varies. You have your introverts and extroverts, but both types of people still benefit from social interactions. Introverts just need to ‘recharge’ their social battery sometimes by spending some time alone, but both types can be ‘social butterflies’. Spending all your time alone can lead to some psychological issues though, and luckily there are some ways to combat them if you get restricted to your house. 

Some ways to help with being cooped up at home is to develop a routine- which will help you feel more productive. Waking up at the same time and eating at the same time can do a lot. Not spending 12 hours on a Netflix binge is also good. Maybe it’s time to do some self-care; do the face mask and dress up for no reason. Keep up with personal hygiene, start a skincare regime and look at things like your diet and exercise. Also consider connecting with your family (or finding a way to get some space from them) which can help, as well as keeping in touch with friends even if you can’t visit them. Or try a new hobby, like art, cooking, gardening, a new game, writing, working out, or just spending more time with your pets too- there are stories just dedicated to giving suggestions of things you can do instead of going crazy called titled “100 Things to do while stuck inside due to a pandemic”. A lot of people have issues with embracing the hermit lifestyle, but there’s some definite perks too. 

You all know the disease that runs rampant in highschool, specifically in the Seniors. That’s right, senioritis. After awhile you get burnt out on school, and are just ready to be done. In the words of early graduated Senior Ethan Watson, “Scholarly words mean nothing to me. I hath ascended”. Good to know graduating early doesn’t go to people’s heads. As people leave highschool, socializing tends to change a bit. We might need to learn how to thrive on our own more, which quarantine has prepared us for at least. Living on your own is very different, being isolated sometimes if you move far away from friends and family. It’s important to be able to keep yourself healthy and happy, even alone. While some people thrive off not being forced to socialize everyday and rejoice their new freedom, some people might miss school. Other places that often replace that socialization include work, friends you make there can actually be really good ones. As it turns out people bond well when they face a common goal or enemy, whether it’s a customer’s audacity or a scary manager.

Life is changing, and as such we need to adjust a little. Being a hermit isn’t so bad, but being bored is. So to keep yourself occupied while on your own I’d say try something new, and take care of yourself. You need to be your own zookeeper, make sure you’re eating healthy, exercising, getting enrichment in your daily life, and just being happy.