2021 FMHS Volleyball

Bump, set, spike! Here comes the FMHS Volleyball team spiking for the win. Volleyball is a team sport and filled with various strategies and communication, and the Fruita Monument Wildcats have seemed to master it all.

This volleyball season has been a hit for the Fruita Monument Wildcats with a record of 7-3.  Last year with Covid-19, there were many restrictions for the volleyball players, but this year the players get a student section and fans do not have to wear masks. 

Volleyball players must possess many skills   such as strategies, techniques, positions and the biggest one being communication. These are important because they can help the volleyball team win.   Sophomore Fruita Monument volleyball player Chloe Kraai states that “ Communication is super important and is something we are good at.”

Another change this year is the volleyball season is in the fall and not in the spring. The Wildcats don’t have to practice with masks on either and have been able to travel frequently this season to places such as Riverdale Ridge, Loveland, Glennwood, Durango, Montrose and Delta.

  Sophomore volleyball player Rayah Berta states that “ The overall season is pretty good; we have won most of our matches except for some of the hard games in Denver.” 

Both players have mentioned having a good bond with their teammates and always having a positive attitude and not losing focus. Berta mentions that her favorite aspect about volleyball is her team. “ A strategy we use is to just keep our energy up so we don’t bring the team down and lose focus”. 

Volleyball is a challenging sport, but the Fruita Monument Wildcats seem to have mastered important aspects of the game and are having a great season. The future hopes to hold Be sure to support your fellow Wildcats at their next game.