Lost at Sea

By Lyndee Ortega

A quiet brush travels to present a gem

The ocean a funnel for the grainy sand

Thy dreamer watches as a world rolls with water

Curious to the unbecoming fate of sparkling Star

For if one focused too hard on light, the forgotten is thy journey

Disparity is not the answer, as it only raises question


Does thy ponder the value of question

A city coastal plagued by lighted gem

If forgotten, does it pursue the journey

Or remain a time capsule lost in sand

Amongst thy ruin washes along a sea star

Oh how it longs for the depths of water


Does one fear loss like the strength of water

Everbeing the slow, desolate fated question

Never once forgotten is the star

Be it known the greater value of gem

Rubbed away by the grains of sand

Forced to venture a new journey


Equipped are you for the journey

Long and lonely like the vast water

Endless like the grains of sand

One can’t even begin to question

The fading light of a stolen gem

Like the precautionary tale sung by stars


Years of aged and wise star

Who have witnessed many a journey

No longer are they troubled by the Gem

Their fears soothed by the caress of water

Their status no one dares question

Like the surefooted trust of a turtle to sand


Sharp glass too can be perfected by sand

Need only patience and the faith of star

For if thy glance upon the question

Confusion for the near and far drown in journey

Fear not the cold of water

As it leads to a life more suitable for this gem